How to Hide Mutual Friends list on Facebook [NEW]

Is that the only way to hide your friend list by blocking your friends on Facebook? Absolutely not. Facebook, over time, developed many privacy features for users to give full control of the profile. The most important is the Facebook privacy setup for the friends-list. So, now you don’t need to hide your profile entirely … Read more

Basic Privacy Settings of Facebook for Beginners [All-in-One]

Is it accurate to say that you are concerned that anyone can watch your Facebook profile’s points of interest? If you are, then we have uplifting news for you which will please you. Over time Facebook developed many functions to control the sensitive information of user-profiles in Facebook privacy settings. In this context, I will … Read more

How to Turn off Autoplay Video on Facebook?

You might feel disturbed when the noisy videos on Facebook start to play automatically without any click. This normally grasps the internet speed that results in not loading the further data while browsing and not to lose even a lower amount of data on Facebook video loading. Also, whenever a video plays with bold sound … Read more

Tell if someone hides posts from you on Facebook

For a quick check, if you can see his profile then you are not blocked totally, that you can be sure. Then what? Facebook has some advanced privacy settings for users. Users now can control the entire profile privacy of their own. So, this might be due to the person has set some lockup privacy … Read more