STOP Messages on WhatsApp without Knowing Them[Working]

If you want to stop receiving messages on WhatsApp without knowing them just go to the WhatsApp chat section and archive that contact. But, to block someone you have many ways to do that, then this content is for you. First, let’s understand how to detect such contacts without having a conversation with them. Just … Read more

How to Merge two Google photo albums?

If you have multiple Google photos accounts, you can combine those accounts.   Along with this, you can change the Google photos album ownership.   Cloud storage is really becoming very much popular nowadays and the reason behind this is safety.   You should know that,   Google Drive is one of the best cloud … Read more

How to Monitor Real-time Data usage Android?

Some of the apps on my mobile was consuming huge data from the limited data pack and I was wondering on the settings where I could stop those particular apps from syncing the behind the scene data.   I found it very strange that it was possible to restrict the data completely but the settings … Read more